About HUM:Global

HUM:Global intends to be the best possible partner and facilitator for exciting, groundbreaking, and highly relevant research on global processes and challenges at the Faculty of Humanities. We aim to build bridges across departments and to the wider world to create new research, teaching, and public engagement.

HUM:Global is a cross-faculty initiative that maps, harnesses, and stimulates researchers, projects, networks (both with external global partners and internally at KU), and centres at the Faculty of Humanities to generate and bring to life their greatest and most daring ideas on global processes and challenges. Over the next three years HUM:Global will co-create projects and frameworks at the Faculty of Humanities, which will substantially enhance our capacity to research and teach on global subjects while increasing our visibility, standing and impact in wider society.


HUM:Global Seed Money offers grants of between DKK 10,000 and DKK 35,000 for activities carried out by students and researchers at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Copenhagen. Activities should fall under the categories of research, teaching and stakeholder/public/policy engagement – for instance, guest lectures, workshops, symposiums, or seminars in connection with writing applications for external funding. The deadline for submission for the current call is 19 May 2024. Read more.

The HUM:Global Semester Lecture is a larger event that takes place one time each semester. It may take the form of a classic lecture, a roundtable, a presentation, a performance or another format, and aims to reach a broad audience. The common denominator for the talks is that they address a global theme and have the humanities at their core.

The HUM:Global Talk! is an event co-hosted with other partners at the Humanities Faculty, in which HUM:Global promotes planned public lectures and talks from different disciplines that address global themes. We shall hold several talks each semester.

Both the HUM:Global Semester Lecture and HUM:Global Talk! are open to all faculty, students and staff at the University of Copenhagen as well as external stakeholders and the general public.


  1. HUM:Global
    1. Secretariat
      1. Director
      2. Coordinator
    2. Steering committee
      1. Deputy heads of departments at HUM
    3. Professional project group (PPG)
      1. Two representatives from each HUM department